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off on a Sporty 28 years ago, I think that makes that motor a
vintage Evolution. Crazy huh? Back then the Evolution Sporty was only 1 year old and had just taken over from the Iron head sporty. 1986 the first Sporty Evo's appear and 1985 for the first big twin Evo's..

I had gone to Harley School to become a tech and I know it was a long time ago because we worked on Panheads, Iron Sporties, the 66-69' Pan-Shovel and the Shovelhead. There wasn't one Evo in class yet lol.

You know your old when you know what points are or a Magneto (no not an X-men) is or if ya ever hand tuned your linkert or S&S carb before.

Anyway, I finally gave in to comfort and got me a 2006 FLHRCI you see here, brand new which I just paid off actually. She's my main squeeze now. Our biggest ride together so far was the 1100 miles from Phoenix, AZ to Euless, TX and boy was that an adventure, she and I both got battle scars from that one. It's not bad enough that illegal aliens do not respect the immigration laws but they also do not hold driving laws in high regard as well. Me and "baby" got rear-ended on the way to TX. Almost killed me, and she got a banged up skirt.But I hung onto her and she never fell over, the cop and fire fighters right there when it happened couldn't believe it. Anyway enough of my adventures.

Thanks to Sierra Vista H-D for patching me up and getting me on the road so quick so I could get home and to Adam's H-D in TX for patching up baby to better than new condition. And to Bedford Back & Neck for kinda patching me up.

I still have a soft spot for that first Sporty though and still own it as well and that's why this page exists. Call it a second chance on life for an old EVO engine. She deserves it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oh where oh where has that little Sporty gone?

This article shoulda been before the last article with the engine photos but I got turned around, happens allot when ya hit 54 and you've been eating out of aluminum cans for 40 years.

Shit, looking for a needle in a hay stack would be easier. I just got through trying to visually locate the future Bobber amongst all the trash in the Garage and lemme tell ya I'm still missing a few big parts. They are in there I know it I saw them. But that was almost 3 years ago when we moved in.

Anyways, I have located the Engine box. Yes a cardboard box contains the complete UN-assembled 1200 cc. S&S Motor. The Engine has been torn down to split cases. While going over all the factory specs those years ago I discovered the rear rod has excessive play in it and have determined it needs to be re-bushed. Now since my X cleaned me out for allot of my shit, Tools, a compressor, air dryer and tons of other stuff just because she was evil and vile and the 1/10 dick dim wit she shacked up with kept goading her on to bust my balls. You know how it is. Anyways, I will eventually get all my tools replaced and get a press and some larger shop items when I get settled in FL. But I will get the flywheel pressed out and the bushing done at a local H-D Shop. The rest I can do as far as the engine goes. The frame welding and any other welding will have to wait till FL as well cuz my welder is located down there.

So here's the game plan roughly I may change it again especially if funding changes during the project.

First thing is to organize this garage. I'm in a rental house and I never thought we'd be here as long as we have been. I find it disgusting to rent for this long do you realize that a g-note a month is 12k/year? X3 =36k That's what I've dumped into my landlords pocket in three years for this shit pile. He won't fix shit unless I hold a gun to his head. Anyway, we had no choice so here we are till we can retire all proper like. Back to the garage it's roughly 3/4 filled with crap and boxes. I need to sort it and repack the boxes throwing out all the trash and reclaim some of this space so I can construct a work bench and start rebuilding the engine.

This may take me several weeks to several months, I'm not as young as I was and I'm disabled so doing takes time. OK enuf whining for now.

Step Two, will be build the work bench and procure a vise and some other essentials that were stolen from me by the X the..... You always gotta have a clean work bench at least waist height if not a bit taller an organized tool box or roll cabinet and some specialty tools for H-D models on hand as well. Usually your bike manual will list all the special tools you might need as you construct a total ripped down scoot rebuild.

For the engine, I'll need to take the lower end into a good shop here in TX to have that rear rod re-bushed. Adam's H-D seems to be the place nice folks there and I've adopted them as my new dealership while in the TX area. So I'll need a price for the job. Then I'll have to secure all the parts I need to button up the bottom end like Loctite, gaskets, bearings, spacers, Cams, etc

The tranny needs to slip back into its box to spec.

We will need new piston rings, The cylinders will need the bore checked and to be cross-hatched again. We'll need a complete engine gasket set and whatever other small parts we're missing.

The S&S Shorty E will need cleaning and blowing out maybe a replacement carb rebuild kit we'll see when we get there.

I also need to sort all the rest of the part boxes and put things together like wiring harness with electronics and lights and relays, Ignition module and coil.

This is a good start and I'll keep you post on how much I actually get done and when.

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