My Main Ride

off on a Sporty 28 years ago, I think that makes that motor a
vintage Evolution. Crazy huh? Back then the Evolution Sporty was only 1 year old and had just taken over from the Iron head sporty. 1986 the first Sporty Evo's appear and 1985 for the first big twin Evo's..

I had gone to Harley School to become a tech and I know it was a long time ago because we worked on Panheads, Iron Sporties, the 66-69' Pan-Shovel and the Shovelhead. There wasn't one Evo in class yet lol.

You know your old when you know what points are or a Magneto (no not an X-men) is or if ya ever hand tuned your linkert or S&S carb before.

Anyway, I finally gave in to comfort and got me a 2006 FLHRCI you see here, brand new which I just paid off actually. She's my main squeeze now. Our biggest ride together so far was the 1100 miles from Phoenix, AZ to Euless, TX and boy was that an adventure, she and I both got battle scars from that one. It's not bad enough that illegal aliens do not respect the immigration laws but they also do not hold driving laws in high regard as well. Me and "baby" got rear-ended on the way to TX. Almost killed me, and she got a banged up skirt.But I hung onto her and she never fell over, the cop and fire fighters right there when it happened couldn't believe it. Anyway enough of my adventures.

Thanks to Sierra Vista H-D for patching me up and getting me on the road so quick so I could get home and to Adam's H-D in TX for patching up baby to better than new condition. And to Bedford Back & Neck for kinda patching me up.

I still have a soft spot for that first Sporty though and still own it as well and that's why this page exists. Call it a second chance on life for an old EVO engine. She deserves it.

Friday, May 16, 2014


I gotta laugh at Facebook. A supposed social site based here in the USA, meaning it should be bound by the Constitution just like any other US entity however, such is not the case in their case. Unless of course your a rainbow hypocrite, Pedophile or some other sexual deviant or if your an Atheist or Satanist, and if your anti-white or anti-Christian your also fine. All the rest of us, if we use typical descriptions to describe these deviants we're banned. For me I have been banned about a week now, other than the friends and family contact I have through Fascist-book I could care less about being banned it's just their unprofessional way of doing it.

Facebook doesn't tell you why they deem what you wrote as offensive, they just paste your words in a box and ban you and they give you no idea of length of ban either.

People like Miley Cyrus, Al Sharpton and others can get away with Heterophobic or racist comments against whites, Christians and traditionalists and even show graphic soft porn to the children on Facebook and not be banned. Women are running escort services or soliciting themselves through Facebook and they do nothing.

 Liberals can bash Conservatives using any amount of vulgarity and profanity but if it's reversed then the Conservative finds themselves banned. Socialist Facebook is joke and one sided anti-free speech propaganda tool for communist advancement and that's it.

There is an alternative site which is much more Constitutionally based. In fact it's called the Tea Party Community @  here you can at least say what's on your mind with out being banned well so far anyhow. The site has allot of features that facebook doesn't. There are a few qwerks here and there but this site is much nicer than the buggy facebook. So if your looking for a good place for Constitutional information and the same social aspect that facebook was supposed to offer come there.